Universal Unity of Spirit

An ecclesiastical association dedicated to sharing
Spiritual teachings that will inspire, enlighten
and encourage those seeking greater awareness.

Our Principles

  • We affirm that we are an expression of God's Love, Grace and Goodness
  • We believe in personal responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds
  • We believe in living in accordance with natural, spiritual and divine law
  • We affirm that love is the highest expression and fulfillment of the law
  • We believe in eternal life and that spiritual progression is eternal and infinite
  • We believe that the opportunity for re-formation and at-onement is ever present
  • We affirm the divine right and inherent freedom of individuals to seek and express their truth.

Our Purpose    Membership

Universal Unity of Spirit ~ P.O. Box 371 ~ 89 N. Main Street ~ Cassadaga, NY 14718
Phone: (716) 595-2617 ~ FAX: (772) 380-0434 ~ E-Mail:uuofspirit@gmail.com

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