Universal Unity of Spirit

An ecclesiastical association dedicated to sharing
Spiritual teachings that will inspire, enlighten
and encourage those seeking greater awareness.

Congratulations to our new Prayer Chaplains:

Prayer Chaplains Carole Bartlett, Kim Kibler, Teresa Schaeffer & Diana Szydelko, who were introduced at our June 24th service. They have been trained to pray with you and address your prayer needs (concerns and celebrations). They will be available at our monthly services from 1:15 to 1:30p.m. before our lecture time. Know that they will keep in confidence what is shared. Our Prayer Chaplains will also be making monthly phone calls to our members. Please allow them to serve you. If you are not a member of UUofS but attend our services and would like to be included in our monthly phone calls from our chaplains, please let us know.

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