Universal Unity of Spirit

An ecclesiastical association dedicated to sharing
Spiritual teachings that will inspire, enlighten
and encourage those seeking greater awareness.


Our Purpose

  • To provide a forum for sharing spiritual teachings and conducting religious activities as an inter-denominational ecclesiastical association.
  • To offer encouragement to those seeking greater spiritual awareness
  • To teach, promote and practice spiritual truths and principles as recorded in the Holy Bible and other Sacred Scriptures and as practiced by many of the world's religions.
  • To teach, train, certify and ordain, for religious purposes only, person deemed qualified with the sole objective to promote, develop, expand and perpetuate the doctrines that this association professes, believes and practices.
  • To perform marriages, conduct memorial services, and spiritual baptism.
  • To bless, comfort, counsel and spiritually assist any and all persons seeking help.
  • To promote and teach the principles of Universal Unity of Spirit.

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Universal Unity of Spirit ~ P.O. Box 371 ~ 89 N. Main Street ~ Cassadaga, NY 14718
Phone: (716) 595-2617 ~ FAX: (772) 380-0434 ~ E-Mail:uuofspirit@gmail.com

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